What Is The Most Romantic Thing About Sugar Daddy Dating?

“I got my sugar daddy to pay my college tuition, and now I’m in love with him,” says Anna, 22. Believe it or not, sugar daddy dating often includes romance, mutual respect, and some unforeseen perks that make a sugar baby fall helplessly in love with her sugar daddy. “When it comes to the matter of how I want to be treated in future relationships, my sugar daddy set the bar really high,” continues Anna. “He was so kind, thoughtful and romantic; I wondered if such men still existed. He planned our dates with such care and precision, whisking me away on cruises over the Hudson, exclusive soirees at the Hamptons and crazy fun weekends in Las Vegas. He garnished my wardrobe with the best designer outfits and flattered me with gifts and compliments. That was not all there was to him though, we felt a truly deep connection to one another. He laughed at my jokes and made me feel pretty.”

We asked a few other sugar babies what the most romantic thing about their sugar daddy was, and they definitely had interesting things to say. Sophia, 20 says “for me, the most romantic experience I have had with my sugar daddy was our trip to Venice. He had business to handle in the city, and I was lucky enough to be his companion on the four-day long vacation.”

On the other hand, Livie, 32, thinks that “the most romantic thing you can do with a person is spending time alone together. For me, I enjoy cuddling on the couch with my sugar daddy while we binge on Netflix and wine.”

Issa, 19, says that the most romantic thing about a sugar daddy is when he takes charge. “I don’t have a sugar daddy, but I think the most romantic thing about a sugar daddy, or any man at all, is when he takes charge and shows me that he wants me in his life. He should also make me happy by being heavily invested in my happiness, and whatever pleases me.”

Debby, a 23-year-old foreign exchange student, believes that “the most important thing about a sugar daddy is that he treats you with respect. You must have boundaries, and he must respect those boundaries you have set up to define the relationship. My sugar daddy treats me like a queen. He doesn’t get upset when I’m not in the mood to talk, hang out or make love, and to me, this is the most important thing about sugar daddy dating. It is also not a bad thing to be spoiled as well,” she adds, laughing hysterically.   

Dating coach Gabrielle Amaruso strongly believes that romance is achievable in a sugar daddy relationship. She advice es sugar babies to take time to get to know their partner and his preferences outside of the bedroom, as “introducing intimacy from the onset of a sugar relationship is the ultimate kiss of death,” and “sugar daddies like ladies who know their worth and aren’t afraid to enforce it.” She further advises sugar babies hoping to get more than physical and financial gratification out of a sugar daddy arrangement to know what they want and focus on getting it, choose one quality sugar daddy over the option of having several unfulfilling sugar relationships and communicate.   

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